Visual artist Leen Vandierendonck questions the ability of man to express what one feels or thinks and so convey the exact message one has on his mind. Language, be it spoken or written, with gestures or images, is often inadequate to reflect nuances and deeper thought. Her alphabets visualize the inner struggle of man searching for possibilities to make more profound connection.

To articulate this every day process, she uses simple materials to keep focus on the genuine, human intention and not the desires imposed by our overloaded high technological society.

Through the repeated action of folding and unfolding and so creating an accessible system, Leen Vandierendonck wonders whether a set of elementary, intuitive symbols, basic shapes can stimulate the viewer to get in touch with one’s capability to focus and initial intentions.

A puzzle that, no matter how the pieces are placed, continues to give an image of the creative aspect of reality.



As for her letters, words and sentences are absorbed by blotting paper or machine-washed away and become stains of ink, like ponds of water or clouds. Washed-out from any literal meaning but filled with the history of a mind. The spots and remains of letters, are like ruins that remember us of avid attempts trying to say something difficult to articulate. The errors, the marks and cross outs we made writing a letter are sucked into the blotting paper and become a literal proof of the mental battle wanting to share oneself.



According to science, the best way to understand nature is through mathematic models. With the discovery of quantum mechanics however, scientists see that experiments on subatomic level give surprising results that seem to contradict with new findings on macro scale, like the fact that the distinction between particle and wave is influenced by the subject. Even amongst scientists these results are very revolutionary and lead to the wildest theories, such as other dimensions and parallel worlds or that atoms only include 5% of universal matter.

That awareness keeps Leen Vandierendonck busy. She’s fascinated by the potential of future discoveries on human life, about who we are and the possible impact of our consciousness on the physical world. Leen Vandierendonck calls her models intuitive math, a sort of quest for the ideal structure, the perfect set in a world that might be a simulation and therefore maybe in essence not tangible. Those intuitive sets and planes stimulate to keep focus on an open mind for possible richness of future knowledge.


© 2019, all rights reserved, Leen Vandierendonck, Visual Artist